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HR platform

HR managers and recruiters operational dashboard.



User Experience

User Interface



The platform provide ideally tools and features to help HR managers and recruiters tackle both urgent daily tasks and routine tasks in a streamlined and efficient way.


VP/HR Dashboard

I interviewed HR managers to understand the important aspects of their daily work. Using the insights gained I created features that can assist the users in their day-to-day management.

Dashboard Desktop.jpg

Urgent daily tasks

The platform offer overview on recruiting tools and collaboration, that can help ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.


Today tasks

Features such as managing employee records, tracking employee performance and employee feedback.

This can help HR managers keep track of their team's progress and identify areas for improvement.


Analytics overview

Reporting and analytics overview provide valuable insights into key recruitment metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and applicant source. This information can help managers evaluate the effectiveness of their recruiting process and make data-driven decisions to optimize their hiring strategy.

Candidates in Progress

Using stacked chart, allows easy comparison of data, with each bar representing a stage in process. To provide a comprehensive view of the processes across multiple departments + consolidate them into one panel - "All".

Hiring by source​

This chart help companies make more informed decisions about their recruitment strategy and improve the success of their hiring efforts.

I used a bubble chart for this analysis depict and show relationships between numeric variables.

Time to hire over time​

A line chart is a great way to show this measure. The X-axis represent time in months, and the Y represent the average time to hire in days. This chart enables to see whether it is improving or deteriorating.

engagement rates by department

Here I used 100% Stacked Bar Charts that show the relative contribution (percentage) of each dipartment to the entity. It helps organizations improve employee retention, boost team performance, and align employee and organizational goals.


HR Recruiter

The tools used by the recruiters are evident in the direct work with the candidates. In terms of urgent daily tasks, the platform offer functionalities such as scheduling interviews, sending out automated communication to candidates. For regular tasks, the platform offer features of managing recruitment progress.

Dashboard Desktop1.jpg

Scheduled interview

One of the main things the recruiter deals with is the initial screening of candidates. it improve the efficiency and candidate experience of the recruitment process.



The candidate page on a recruiter dashboard is an essential tool. Recruiters can streamline the hiring process and make better-informed decisions.

Dashboard Desktop2.jpg

Stages column

Highlighting the stages in the recruitment process can help to provide clarity, organization, consistency, and collaboration throughout the hiring process. It leads to a more efficient and effective recruitment process and improve the overall candidate experience.

Editing is done from the table to allow flexibility and speed in changing the statuses.


Style Guide

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