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Hey, I'm Anat, UX/UI Designer with extensive experience as creative designer. I have a strong passion for UI design, where I aim to create simple, intuitive and effective solutions to the users’ challenge, while translating them into the clearest and most attractive way. 

My portfolio of branding include projects I design independently as a studio owner. Works closely with clients to craft a wide range of brand design services and brings creative ideas to life. Creates brand stories that touch peoples’ core, motivate them and leave a mark.

My Expertise

UX & UI Design

I strive creating visually stunning interfaces that are useful and user-centric. Executes stages from research, ​information architecture, wireframes, visual designs and prototypes.

Visual Design

Focuses on the visual communication of information and ideas through the use of typography, color, imagery, and layout for websites or digital product, giving it the visual edge to stand out from the competition. 

Brand Identity

Creates a strong brand identities by combining research, strategy, brand's values and target audience, and providing an entire branded look and feel; logos, visual language, digital materials and websites. Ensuring your business stands out and captures attention.

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