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An app that helps to set up vegetables garden by adjustments and community



User Experience

User Interface




Growing your own vegetables and fresh herbs at home has become very trendy in recent years, it's a great way to help our planet stay healthy, break our dependence on big agriculture and a fantastic way to get in touch with what we eat. 
Gardny's app goal is to help setting up a garden from scratch, so that even those who lack experience can experiment with confidence.


  • Setting up a garden can be daunting for those with no experience or limited space, especially in urban areas.

  • With so much information available online, choosing the plants that not match your local conditions can be overwhelming and lead to disappointment.

  • The process can be time-consuming, and many people may not have the energy to devote to it.


  • Incorporate features into the app to motivate users - a community feature could be appropriate.

  • The aim is to enable users to customize plants choices based on their location and avoid disappointment caused by mismatched selections.

  • Users can track and observe the garden's growth stages, increasing their confidence and motivation to continue.

  • An app that offers guidance on efficient and effective garden setup can be a valuable solution.

User Research

In order to better understand the needs and frustrations of the user, I used both questionnaires and interviews among 50 participants. I gathered some insightful data from the analysis done via google forms. 

Below are the main insights:


Were helped in the community as part of the application


Would like a clearer direction in set up a garden


Keep the plant without guidance


Are disappointed when the plant does not yield or lasts for a long time


Buying spontaneously without matching to the location

Competitive Analysis

After understanding the users needs, I made a market research. I downloaded and analyzed three apps, comparing them based on parameters and features that I had identified as important in my pre-survey. I discovered that there are many plants apps in the market, most only provide guidance and support without incorporating location adjustments or community involvement.




Strengths: user-friendly interface, detailed plant care information, customizable reminders, and a plant identification feature.

Weaknesses: a limited plant database, premium features for advanced advice, and inaccurate plant identification

blossom app.webp



Strengths: including a user-friendly interface, personalized plant care, extensive plant care information, and customizable reminders.

Weaknesses: limited plant database, premium features, and limited interactivity.




Strengths: overview of everything you have planted, Inspired by other gardeners & expert tips,  garden journal and sharing information.

Weaknesses: no location match and Plants by adjustments


From the insights I understood that I need to respond to the essential features which are communication with a community and minimizing bad decisions while shopping spontaneously and therefore using adjustments before.

User Persona

A busy urbanite who has always wanted to grow her own vegetables but never had the time or space to do so.

Frame 2608589.png

Information Architecture

Although Gardny can be beneficial to anyone, I specifically developed it with the representative flow scenario of Natalie, a 29 year old millennial in mind. As a generation that values convenience and seeks effortless solutions, while also prioritizing health and sustainability, I tailored Gardny to meet those needs.


Once I had defined the basic functions provided by the app, I began by creating a sketch

Group 82127.png


Get to know us

I designed 3 screens to highlight the user journey on the app, focuses on capturing the bare minimum information. Using real life photos to emphasize the magical experience of creating a garden. With an easy option to skip and get started.

onboarding page 1a.jpg
onboarding page 2a.jpg
onboarding page 3a.jpg
Sign up 2.jpg

Log in | Register

Upon signing up for the app, users become members of a community of urban home vegetable and herb growers.

Home page

Be part of the community

From the user research, I found out that the first step in planning a vegetable garden is to get inspired by others.
Growing food can an
d should be accessible to anyone, You could say that this is a basic skill. In that case, many people happily share and people feel comfortable consulting 💬🌱👍💚✍️⭐
The community promotes accountability, keeping members committed to their gardening goals. 


Choose preferences

and conditions

Frame new1.jpg

By answering 4 quick questions you'll get the best results for you: Location / Sun intensity / Sun direction / Planting style

Group 82188.png

By choosing your location conditions you’ll get the most suitable plants. A refined and clean template that keeps it simple and gives you customization options.

💡Tip! With each selection of a location, a tip appears that better highlights the selection, add value and make the page visually appealing.

Frame new2.jpg
Frame new4.jpg
Frame new3.jpg


Taking a photo "Before"

Taking a photo of the garden location to create an initial preview of my garden and inspire follow-up and sharing


Frame 2608579.jpg
My garden page 11.jpg

Product page

Best plants for your garden!

Based on your customizing, this page contains all the information that may help you make sure the plant is right for your garden. You can read about its benefits, a short treatment guide that you can always return to, and other useful information

Plants page 8.jpg

My Garden

Keep following the garden and appreciate what you create!

Group 82147.png
Plants page 7.jpg
My garden page 16.jpg
My garden page 17.jpg


A blog with information and guides  provide valuable education and support, fostering community, and keeping them engaged with the app

Explore page 1.jpg
Group 82153 1.png
Group 82123.jpg

Style Guide


Colors palette

Frame 2608590.jpg


Navigation bar


Thank You!

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